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Studying in a country abroad can be exciting and sometimes a little bit scary. We will take away all your fears and questions from the first moment till your last days in Holland. Didn’t found your answer in the frequently asked questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are there for you at any moment of the day.




?What contract lenghts do you offer?

For the upcoming school year, rooms are available for the following periods:

  • Master and Bachelor students:
  • From 01-08-2017 until 31-07-2018

  • Exchange students:
  • From 01-08-2017 until 15-01-2018

    Are you following an internship at a company or do you need accommodation for another reason? Please contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities.

    ?Is it possible to book accommodation for a group?

    We offer full student houses with several rooms. It is therefore sometimes possible to rent a full student house or several rooms in one house together with your friends. Please contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities.

    ?What is included in the price?
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Gas, water, electricity, municipal taxes and VAT
  • Kitchen furniture and use of washing machine
  • Airport pick up
  • Your own bike
  • Opening Dutch bank account
  • Superfast Wi-fi
  • 24/7 security service
  • Sports membership
  • Public transport card with initial credit
  • Dutch SIM card with initial credit
  • I*ESN membership
  • City tour
  • ?What is not included in the price?
  • Booking costs
  • Most organizations charge booking costs of 1 month rent excl. VAT. We ask a one-time booking fee of €250,- including VAT for the tenants who rent a year, the booking fee for half year bookings is €375,- including VAT. This includes administration costs during booking process, contract costs, any visits to the rented property, checking in and out of the rented property, making and completing the delivery report and inventory of fixtures at the preliminary inspection. This cost is mandatory for every resident and payable in the initial payment.

  • Cleaning package
  • We like to keep our properties tidy and clean. Every 2 weeks our cleaning and maintenance team will clean the common areas like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. This package is mandatory for every resident and payable in the initial payment. Cost for 1 year are €475,-.

  • Bedding package
  • The bedding package contains: mattress protector, fitted bedsheets, 4 seasons duvet, 1 pillow and 1 towel. So everything you need for a clean and comfortable bed! This package is not mandatory and you can buy our bedding package for €75,-, payable in the initial payment.

    ?How do I book a room?

    We offer three different room options on our webpage Accommodations; Silver Windmill, Golden Windmill and Diamond Windmill. Use the ‘’Booking’’ button to take you to our booking page. You need to fill in some personal information and preferences so we can help you find a room quickly and efficiently. You may think of it as a first introduction between friends! We will answer your booking request within 24 hours and we’ll inform you about the availability and further booking procedure.

    ?What documents are required to book a room?

    Our rooms are exclusively for students who are already approved and registered at a Dutch university. Please send us a copy of your student registration (acceptance letter) along with a copy of your passport so we can complete your booking. If you currently can’t provide a copy of your registration at the university and you want to book a room, ask us for the possibilities. We are happy to inform you about the upcoming available rooms.

    After we received your acceptance letter from university, copy of your passport and the initital payment your booking is complete and the room is yours! We will send you a signed copy of the lease contract within a week.

    ?What is the payment structure?

    If you have chosen to book a room at Student Housing Holland and we’ve received your acceptance letter of university and copy of your passport, the last step is to make your initial payment by bank transfer.

  • Payment details:
  • To finalize your booking we require 3 months' of rent, 1 month deposit, €250,- booking costs and €475,- yearly cleaning costs.

    ?What is the deposit for?

    You have to pay a deposit for the use of the furniture. We like to offer comfortable student accommodation and that includes furniture for which we are mindful. If any furniture is broken we will replace it immediately. Please note that the costs will be deducted from your deposit.

    You will receive your full deposit back within two weeks if:

  • At the end of your rental period nothing is broken and the room is left clean.
  • You have given back all the keys, sports card, ov chipcard and the bike.
  • There are no outstanding payments
  • ?What is the cancellation policy?

    If you want to cancel the booking of your room you have to let us know at least 2 months before the rental period starts. After this period, it’s not possible to cancel the room anymore. If you cancel before the 2 months period we will refund your initial payment within 2 weeks. Please note that you will lose your booking costs.


    ?How does the Dutch education system works?
    If you’re going to study abroad, it’s important that the education is at a high level. It has to be a life experience that makes you stronger and is an important contributor to your development in becoming a professional. In Holland you’ve come to the right place. In the field of education, Holland scored 7th place worldwide. Do you want to achieve a high quality degree, like a BSc or MSc that is recognized throughout the world? Then Holland is the place to be. You pay relatively low tuition fees compared to other countries in Europe. Moreover a substantial portion of the studies are in English. Plus the majority of Dutch people speak English fluently, for which Holland is deservedly acclaimed abroad. In short, studying in the Netherlands means value for money! The Dutch grading system might be different from what you’re used to. In the Netherlands, we use a scale of 1 to 10. With a 6 you definitely pass your course. The grades 1-3 are hardly ever awarded and 9-10 are very rare.
    ?How is the public safety?
    Holland is one of the safest countries in the world! We score better than other popular countries among international students such as Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. For emergencies you can call 112. This telephone number covers police, ambulances and the fire department. The police in the Netherlands are helpful and almost every agent speaks English. So do not hesitate if you want to ask for help.
    ?Are there job opportunities?
    Dutch industry is internationally oriented and characterized by a knowledge economy. The Netherlands is ranked 2nd in terms of European countries where international students would like to do an internship. Our main pros are good command of the English language, large international companies (Philips, ING Bank, Shell, Heineken) and the friendly Dutch culture. So if you fall in love with our little country during your student time, something we can imagine, there are plenty of opportunities after graduation to find a job in the Netherlands. If you obtain a Dutch bachelor degree, masters or PhD and you want to look for work in the Netherlands, you are eligible for a residence permit that provides you one year to find a suitable job.
    ?Can I apply for scolarships?
    As an international student you may be eligible for a scholarship. There are a few organisations that offer scholarships: Nuffic’s Grant Finder is the most useful tool to look for any scholarships you can sign. This is a database of all available scholarships in the Netherlands and by filling in your details you will immediately see for which scholarships you can register. If you’re going to start with a Master Degree and you’re university is affiliated to the Erasmus Mundus programme than you are eligible for a scholarship through Erasmus Mundus. Every international student can apply for a scholarship at Student Grants. This organisation gives randomly €1000 to a student.

    Student accommodation

    ?How is the Dutch student life?
    We don’t have campus life as you know it from American movies. In the Netherlands there are only a few universities that offer accommodation on campus. We prefer to live in student homes, large buildings where several students live together. 66% of international students in the Netherlands live in student homes together with other international and Dutch students. Very social. Living in student houses is also popular among Dutch students. More than two-thirds of all students live ‘op kamers’. You live with an average of five other roommates and share the kitchens and bathrooms. We experienced this way of living as the most sociable during our life as a student.
    ?What are the difficulties with student accommodation?
    If you want to rent a room as an international student you will initially search for student accommodation on the private market. Studies show that international students often have unpleasant surprises when dealing with private agencies. Websites are often in Dutch, the rooms are unfurnished and most landlords work with ‘hospitality evenings’. This is a selection process whereby the incumbent students of the house interview and choose a new roommate. This is naturally very difficult if you live on the other side of the world. Some universities do offer accommodations, but the experiences of international students have shown that they are not satisfied with the quality of the rooms and furniture. Especially for the price that is charged. If you rent a room through Student Housing Holland, you’re always assured of your room, including furniture, cosiness and the services you prefer.
    ?What is housing allowance?

    Housing allowance is a compensation given by the Dutch government to people who have a lower income and a relatively high cost of rent.

    As an international student it can be hard to receive housing allowance because of the extensive registration process (bureaucracy is something where the Netherlands is known for). The most important rule in order to be eligible for housing allowance is that you are 23 years or older and that you live in a studio or apartment with own facilities. The rental price may not exceed €710,68.

    We offer student rooms in student houses with shared facilities so you can't obtain for housing allowance.


    ?What do I need to bring?

    Our rooms are fully furnished, so you only need your clothes, books, towels, toiletries, laptop and your favorite stuffed animal. Don’t forget to bring some fun decorations and personal stuff with you so that you feel immediately at home in your new room.

    You don’t have to bring a bed linen package. We ensure that all rooms will have new bed linen and clean beds!

    ?What furniture is included in the furnished rooms?

    Every room will have everything you need for a comfortable stay. All rooms are included with:

  • Comfortable bed
  • Nightstand
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Office desk and chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Storage cabinet
  • (mood) lighting

  • The Silver Windmill rooms will have the standard furniture package as mentioned above.

    The Golden Windmill rooms have more space. All rooms have a couch and coffee table so you have a sitting area where you can hang out in front of the TV.

    The Diamond Windmill rooms are very spacious, have more extras and have an even better sitting area with bigger TV.

    ?Is the kitchen fully equipped?

    Yes, every kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans and kettle. You will also have a stove, fridge and freezer, microwave/oven and rice cooker.

    You can start cooking immediately after your arrival!

    ?With how many students do I share the accommodation?
    We offer different student houses and each house is unique. On average there are five students per student house.
    ?Do I have internet and TV?
    Yes you have, all our accommodations and rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.
    ?Can I do my laundry?
    Every accommodation is equipped with a washing machine, which can be used for free! Every property is also equipped with a few drying racks
    ?What kind of heating system is installed in the accommodations?
    All our accommodations have a central heating system.

    Practical matters

    ?Do I need to arrange Dutch medical insurance?

    EU/EEA countries:

    Are you a foreign student and legally insured in the EU / EEA country where you are from? Then you are entitled to use the Dutch care under the Health Insurance Act. You can register yourself at CZ Zorgverzekeringen. You will need an E106 form that is issued by your Health insurer in your own country. Are you temporarily going back to your own country? Then you also have the right to medical care.

    Non EU/EEA countries:

    If you are not from an EU / EEA country, then you are not automatically entitled to health/medical insurance according to European regulations – not even if you have a residence permit that says you are a student. You have the option to voluntarily arrange a temporary Health insurance to cover medical costs that may arise. A number of Dutch insurers offer a Global Visitors insurance product, allowing everyone to qualify for Dutch medical insurance. Do you want to insure yourself against medical costs? We can advise you about the available insurance.
    ?Do I need a residence permit?
    If you want to study in Holland for more than three months, you need a residence permit. To arrange this you should contact your university. After approval of your registration, the university will inform you about the required information and submit a request to the IND (Immigration & Naturalization Department). Please note that this procedure can take 2-3 months. For more information regarding which residence permit or visa is required for your situation, please see below. If you are a residence of an EU / EEA country then you don’t have to go through the immigration procedures. Registration at the IND is sufficient. If you are a residence of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States and Vatican City – then you are obliged to apply for a residence permit. A visa is not required. If your country is not mentioned yet then you need a Visa to be able to study in the Netherlands. You don’t have to bring a bedding package. This package comprises bed linen, pillow and duvet. The price for this package is €75,- and it’s obliged to take this package to make sure that all rooms will have new bedlinen and clean beds!
    ?Do I have to register at the municipality?

    If you want to live in the Netherlands for a period exceeding four months, you are required to register with your local municipality. This means that you are registered at your physical address in the city where you live. This registration is free and takes place by appointment at the town hall. In order to do this, you must present a valid passport or identity card and a copy of the lease contract. In exchange, you will get a social security number (BSN nummer). This is your citizen social security number and is unique to every individual registered in the Netherlands. This number is used to register at DUO or for your health insurance.

    Note: If you don't register at the municipality then you are obliged to pay tourist tax to your landlord.

    Services & Practical issues

    ?How is the arrival day looks like?

    You don't have to worry when you leave your home country because everything is well arranged for you. At the same day of your arrival in Holland you can start your Dutch adventure right away!

    When you arrive at the airport someone of our team is waiting for you at the arrival gate and will bring you and your luggage to your new room. One of us will show you the accommodation and explains how things work. Your bike, the public transport card, sports membership, Dutch sim card and the SHH membership will be hand over to you along with all kinds of practical information.

    The city tour and the opening of your Dutch bank account will take place within a week after your arrival.

    If you have any questions or issues during your stay our team is happy to help you out!

    ?What to do in case of a problem or emergency?
    Call us immediately if there is a technical problem or leakage so we can provide a quick solution. Every property will have its own contact person who is always available for you, also in case of an emergency.
    ?What if something is broken in my room?
    We offer comfortable student accommodation and that includes good quality furniture for which we are very mindful. If any furniture is broken we will replace it immediately. Please note that the cost will be deducted from your deposit.
    ?What to do when I lose my key?
    Every student will lose something every now and then. If you have lost your key and you can’t enter your house or room anymore please contact us and we will come to your location and hand over your new key. Please note that the costs for replacing a key are €50,-.
    ?Can I have my friend visit me and stay at my room?

    Yes, you are allowed to have your friend over but no longer then 3 days.

    Note: You are responsible for the people that visit your accommodation in case of nuisance or damage.

    ?Does Student Housing Holland provide additional services?

    All our rooms are fully equipped and we always provide you with our Everything you need service. Do you still have any further questions or wishes, contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are always here to help!

    The bed linen, pillow and duvet set costs €75,- and is obliged to buy so we can ensure clean and comfortable beds!

    ?What are the general terms and conditions?
    You can download them here


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