Hi Friend,
We are happy to
welcome you in Tilburg!

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable student accommodation, a worry free stay with all essentials well arranged for you and living in a social environment together with other internationals, then booking a room with us is definitely for you!

Sorry.. we are fully booked

We are happy to welcome you in one of our accommodations but unfortunately we have some bad news. At this moment we are fully booked for the year 2019/2020.

Please note: We might get new rooms available due to a cancellation. Would you like to be informed about our availability? Go to our waiting list and fill in your personal details. We will send you an email when the new room(s) are bookable on our booking system.

So you want to book a room. What are the next steps?

First things first. Go to our booking system and search between all the available rooms for a good spot that suits your wishes. All rooms are bookable on the 22nd of May from 11:00 UTC for Tilburg University students and on the 28th of June from 10:00 UTC for Fontys University students. A few weeks before you will receive a personal login code of your admission officer of Tilburg University in order to enter our booking system. Fontys University students will receive the personal login code of us by mail. We advise to be on time because our rooms are fully booked within days.

After choosing the best room that fits your needs, you will get an overview of your booking and what costs are included in the initial payment. You can add the bedlinen package (recommended) and the personal fridge to your booking here. You can choose to pay in 1,2 or 3 installments. Please note that the room is bookable with a Credit card or PayPal account and that you might upgrade your payment limits upfront.

Now it’s time to fill in some data about yourself. We love to hear who we can welcome in the nearby future. Please fill in the basic personal and contact details to secure your booking and to let us know how we can reach you. Our rooms are exclusively for students who are approved at Tilburg University or Fontys University. Please attach a copy of your student registration (acceptance letter) along with a copy of your passport.

After we received all your personal details correctly and received the initial payment, your booking is completed and the room is yours! We will get in touch with you in order to sign the lease contract and provide you with all neccessary practical information. The international experience begins here and from booking to arrival we will take all your worries away!

The best thing about our houses and services? They’re always ready for you. All our student accommodations are fully furnished, so you’re immediately provided with all necessary comforts. Just bring some clothes, study materials and your favorite pajama with you. We’ll fix the rest. And don’t forget to bring some good music with you. We’ll love to hear what’s trending at the moment in your country!

Finally, you’re in Holland! Hopefully you had a safe journey and your excitement is winning from the jetlag. Know that the best has yet to come! You don’t need to hassle with public transport after your arrival in Holland because we will be waiting for you at the airport. That’s what friends are for! We’ll pick you up by car and we’ll bring you and your luggage to your new room. That’s what we call ‘a warm Dutch welcome’! And don’t forget to join our Welcome drinks in the famous bar of the international student association in Tilburg!