Linda Lundberg

"I am very happy with my decision to rent a room from Student Housing Holland. From the very first day until my last day in the Netherlands Tilburg felt like a home, all thanks to them. The room was fresh, my housemates was awesome and the service was excellent. I truly recommend Student Housing Holland!"

Lewis Gilburt

"Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is it's run by people that are at hand to help in ways that you wouldn't expect from a housing company."

Lila Laihem

"It truly was the best decision to stay at the Molenstraat Location through Student Housing Holland. Rooms were great and spacious, newly furnished but most importantly the owners are amazing with their all inclusive package."

Valeria Egger

"It was the best place to stay for my exchange semester. Very nice, newly furnished rooms. They made it possible for me to start my time in tilburg very relaxed, with a bike (a must-have in the netherlands ;)) already waiting for me in front of the house when I arrived.. ;)"