We are your First Friend in Town!

Let us give you the key handles and guidance during your stay..

Fully furnished rooms

All our student accommodation is fully furnished, so you’re immediately provided with all necessary comforts. To ensure that you feel at home when you arrive, we’ll decorate the room with lamps and mood lights. Just bring in your suitcase, some clothes and your favorite stuffed animal.

 24/7 security service

Friends are always there for each other. Even when everyone else is sleeping. That’s why we offer an unique 24/7 emergency service. You can contact us 24/7 in case of an emergency like power shutdown, accident, fire and safety issues. So don’t hesitate to contact your property manager in case of an emergency.

 Airport pickup

You don’t need to hassle with public transport after your arrival in Holland because we will be waiting for you at the airport. That’s what friends are for! We’ll pick you up by car and we bring you and your luggage to your new room. That’s what we call ‘a warm Dutch welcome’!

Dutch candy

Have you ever tried our best candy ‘Stroopwafels’? You might have. But ‘Drop’ or ‘Tumtum’? Probably not. Trying the typical candy of a foreign country can be a new experience and you might taste completely new flavours. So let us introduce to you our original and famous Dutch candy!

Public transport card

In Holland it’s common to use a ‘Public Transport Chipcard’ for travelling through the country by train, bus, tram and the subway (‘metro’). We’ll make sure that your Public Transport card is ready to use when you arrive by adding an initial credit! Exploring a new country was never so easy.

Sports services

Besides that sport is good for your body and mind it also is a good way to socialize and meet new people during your stay in Tilburg. Especially team sports are very sociable and fun at the same time. All residents have access to our sports services like indoor soccer team, volleybal trainings, group lessons activities and more…

Your own bike

You will receive a serviced bike of our partner Swapfiets. This service is great for international students and we have an exclusive partnership for our residents. Do you have a flat tire or another issue? Just get in touch with them and they will swap your bike with a working bicycle at a location chosen by you. What a cool service!


Stay connected! All our student accommodations are equipped with the fastest internet subscription the biggest internet provider in Holland, Ziggo. We make sure you study without problems, and stay in touch with all your beloved family and friends back in your hometown!

Medical assistance

During your stay it may occur that you’re not feeling well and that you’re in a need for a doctor. We understand that you can use some assistance with this matter of a friend. We can arrange an appointment for you at the Dutch general practicer called a ‘huisartsenpraktijk’!

Fully equipped kitchens

Thanks to our fully equipped kitchens you don’t have to worry about bringing or buying all sorts of kitchenware. We provide you with all that is needed to start cooking immediately after your arrival. So there will be no hassle with carrying bags full of dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans and kitchen utensils. Another worry tackled!

Maintenance & support

We are specialized in the housing & services of international students for years now and we have experienced service employees who are happy to help with any of your concerns. In addition, all our houses have been approved by the municipality for the fire & safety regulations. We care about our residents!

 Social events

Do you like to join a party or social activities? Or are you not used to social events and would you like to step outside of your comfortzone? We make sure all is well organized for you so that you only have to participate. We are more than happy to welcome you at our events. Nothing is mandatory, if you feel like it then feel free to connect!