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''I lived abroad as an international student myself and it was a great experience that I can recommend to anyone. Being able to learn from different cultures, making new friends and work on your academic and life skills is thrilling.

What I missed though during my international student life was guidance from someone you can rely on in the broadest sense. Living abroad becomes much easier if you can rely on someone that takes care of your worries and needs. So no time wasted with all kinds of practical issues and endlessly sort things out yourself, but fully focus on why you are here for. For me it’s all about personal growth, developing your life skills and have the biggest fun ever.

That’s why I started Student Housing Holland. A unique set of services especially for international students, to make sure you have a comfortable stay in Tilburg and most of all an unforgettable life experience!''

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  • "Everything its exactly as its said on their website: very spacious and newly furnished rooms where you'll be more than confortable during your semester abroad and an amazing service from the owners. They are very heplful in every possible way and helped me so much during my stay here since the very first day."
  • "Nice and clean rooms, completely furnished and a big flatscreen TV. Very personal agency, would definitely recommend it for international students, the provided services are great!"
  • "After 5 months I can say that it's been a great choice to get this room! The place is not far away from uni and I found all the necessary equipment, including tv! I can only give them a high grade!"
  • "Very happy with my decision to rent from Student Housing. I am living like a king in my big room (compared to most of other exchange students). Very friendly and helpful service, lot of questions asked and instant response."
  • "The people from Student Housing Holland are extremely helpful and friendly. Whenever I had any problems, they helped me immediately. When i was ill with fever they took me to the doctor on several occasions. Living in an international environment with other exchange students is very rewarding"
  • "It was the best place to stay for my exchange semester. Very nice, newly furnished rooms. They made it possible for me to start my time in tilburg very relaxed, with a bike (a must-have in the netherlands ;)) already waiting for me in front of the house when I arrived.. ;)"
  • "It truly was the best decision to stay at the Molenstraat Location through Student Housing Holland. Rooms were great and spacious, newly furnished but most importantly the owners are amazing with their all inclusive package."
  • "I am very happy with my decision to rent a room from Student Housing Holland. From the very first day until my last day in the Netherlands Tilburg felt like a home, all thanks to them. The room was fresh, my housemates was awesome and the service was excellent. I truly recommend Student Housing Holland!"

    Linda Lundberg


    "Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is it's run by people that are at hand to help in ways that you wouldn't expect from a housing company."